Becoming the First Autonomous Commercial Truck on an Open U.S. Highway

Freightliner selected Las Vegas as the location to unveil the Freightliner Inspiration Truck and conduct the first demonstration of a licensed autonomous commercial truck on an open highway in the United States. Nevada was selected as the demonstration location because it is one of four states, plus the District of Columbia, with laws regulating autonomous vehicle operation. Freightliner's goal was to not only showcase what is technologically possible, but to do it in a regulated environment that sets safety standards and establishes other requirements.

Nevada legislation regulates the testing and operation of autonomous vehicles. The legislation includes commercial trucks and sets standards specifying that an autonomous vehicle must have been tested for a minimum of 10,000 miles in certain conditions before it can be granted a license to be driven in Nevada.

Freightliner obtained a special permit from the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles to operate the Freightliner Inspiration Truck on public roads near Las Vegas after supplying state officials with detailed information on the safety systems in the truck and the training program for the drivers.